Barbra Scott — A Full Color Story

Color, color and more color, that’s what inspires Barbra Scott. A passion for color began during her studies at Parsons School of Design, continued in a career as a fashion designer for Donna Karan, Jones New York and others, and further developed in her business as an interior designer. Most significantly it is responsible for her unique floral design business that has captivated corporations, clubs, hotels, and private residential clients for over 22 years.

Nowhere is Barbra’s love of color, shape and texture more apparent than in her floral designs. Using her artist’s eye, love of flowers, and a talent for combining the unexpected, Barbra’s signature designs – from a contemporary single orchid to a towering Dutch Masters inspired floral arrangement — are works of art.

Like a great work of art, Barbra’s floral creations stand the test of time — lasting for months and months maintenance-free. Neither air nor freeze dried, these vivid floral arrangements are assembled from fresh cut flowers preserved to retain their rich color, texture and shape for up to one year.

What’s her secret? Barbra has perfected a time-honored, centuries-old process of preserving flowers by immersing them in a non-toxic, drying compound the draws out the moisture without changing the natural color or shape of each petal. Traditional drying techniques zap the vivid colors and leave the blooms dull & fragile, Barbra explains. My process allows people to enjoy their favorite seasonal flowers all year round and at a huge cost savings

Artistic design coupled with a unique preservation process has created a buzz since Barbra Scott Flowers opened in 1989. Personal appearances and rave reviews from the likes of Martha Stewart, HGTV, CBS News, NBC News, and NHK Japan have put Barbra Scott on the map as a one-of-a-kind floral design studio. She has taught at Garden clubs around the country and also lectured at local charity events.

Barbra Scott arrangements, sought after for their beauty, long life, and cost-savings have graced the executive offices of Fortune 500 corporations, fine hotels, elegant retail stores, private clubs, lobbies, movie sets and private homes around the country. Celebrated clients include Bill Clinton, Liam Neeson, B. Smith, Maria Carey, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, and Vera Wang.

Today after years of study, design experimentation, and hundreds of delighted clients who appreciate the beauty, convenience and cost-savings of elegant custom work, it’s clear that a winning combination of artistic talents, keen business skills and foresight will continue to distinguish Barbra Scott Flowers as a unique design studio in the floral industry.